OneMedForum SF 2012


The 5th Annual OneMedForum San Francisco 2012 will be held at The Sir Frances Drake Hotel on January 9-12th, 2012.It builds on the success and recognition of four previous San Francisco Forums and two recently launched in New York City. Held during the largest gathering of healthcare financiers and executives, the conference has grown in size and stature and is now a central meeting point for those involved in building the future of health and medicine.

The OneMedForum SF 2012 provides an efficient means to meet the management of the firms shaping the future of the rapidly changing healthcare landscape. High-quality company presentations, panels and workshops promise to deliver strategic insights and practical benefits.

It is an ideal opportunity for CEO’s, investors, and corporate development executives to broaden their exposure and build relationships in an environment designed for networking between companies, strategic partners, institutional investors and healthcare media.

Meet the management of the firms creating technologies that will shape the future of health and medicine. Meet the financiers of these companies. Begin to build relationships and a network of prominent venture and business development executives.

Attendees to the Finance Forum include institutional investors and senior healthcare and life science executives looking for investment opportunities, insights, licensing opportunities, acquisitions, joint ventures, and strategic partnerships.

The Fifth OneMedForum SF 2012 Launched in 2008, the OneMedForum San Francisco conference which runs concurrently with J.P Morgan conference has rapidly grown in size and stature. In 2010 conference, more than 1,000 investors and executives attended the conference.

OneMedTV will be covering the event to provide companies an efficient means to gain global exposure via digital distribution.

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    Date: June 26-27, 2013
    Location: The Metropolitan Club, New York City

    Audience: Institutional investors, high net worth individual investors, family offices, business development executives throughout the US and Europe building and financing high growth medical technology, health care and life science companies.

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