J. Misha Petkevich

  • Co-Founder & Co-Managing Partner, BladeRock Capital, LLC. BladeRock Capital, Boston, US

    J. Misha Petkevich is co-founder and co-managing partner of BladeRock Capital, LLC. BladeRock Capital was formed in 2006 and currently manages the V2M® Life Sciences fund. Prior to founding BladeRock, Mr. Petkevich was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Petkevich Group, LLC, a boutique merchant bank serving and investing in information technology and healthcare companies. From 1989 until 1997, Mr. Petkevich was a Managing Director at Robertson, Stephens & Co. During that time, he held various positions including Head of Investment Banking, Head of Healthcare Banking, and a member of the Management Committee, the Commitment Committee and the Fairness Opinion Review Committee. Prior to Robertson Stephens, he held positions as an Institutional Investor ranked securities analyst and as an investment banker at Hambrecht & Quist and worked closely with the life sciences venture group. Throughout his career on Wall Street, Mr. Petkevich executed directly or managed other bankers on nearly 700 financing and merger and acquisition transactions with a value of over $65 billion. Prior to Wall Street, he served as a color commentator for CBS, NBC, and ESPN. He is currently on the Board of Trustees of the United States Figure Skating Foundation and the Friends of the King Hussein Institute for Biotechnology and Cancer and is on the Advisory Board of the Gladstone Institute. Mr. Petkevich received an AB degree from Harvard College, attended Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar where he was awarded a Doctorate in Cell Biology. While at Harvard, he created “An Evening with Champions” in 1970, a skating exhibition in which world class skaters performed and which Harvard students organized to raise money for the Dana Farber Cancer Research Foundation. 2010 represented the 40th Anniversary of the event. Following Oxford, Mr. Petkevich studied music privately, was a Fellow in the Music Department at Harvard and was Composer in Residence at Eliot House, Harvard University where some of his compositions were premiered. He represented the United States in the 1968 and 1972 Winter Olympics and was United States, North American, and World University Games Figure Skating Champion. Mr. Petkevich has been inducted in the USFSA Hall of Fame and has written two books on figure skating.

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    Date: June 26-27, 2013
    Location: The Metropolitan Club, New York City

    Audience: Institutional investors, high net worth individual investors, family offices, business development executives throughout the US and Europe building and financing high growth medical technology, health care and life science companies.

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