Mike DeVries

  • Managing Director, EDF Ventures, Michigan, US

    Mike’s 25-year medical device background, coupled with his experience with venture-backed companies, gives him a valuable perspective in guiding start-ups in the medical device industry. Currently, Mike sits on the boards of the following companies: Alure Medical, a company developing minimally invasive aesthetic surgery products; BioSurface Engineering Technologies, a developer of synthetic growth factors for medical devices; and CardioMetrix, a developer of endovascular sensor technologies used for the management of cardiovascular diseases. He serves as Chairman of the board for the following companies: Direct Flow Medical, a company developing percutaneous medical devices for cardiovascular diseases; Sonoma Orthopedic Products, a company developing novel orthopedic instrumentation; and TransCorp, Inc, a company that develops and commercializes novel minimally invasive surgical instruments and implants for neurosurgical and orthopedic applications. Prior to joining EDF, Mike served as President and CEO of A-Med Systems, a California-based cardiac device company. Prior to A-Med, Mike served on the executive team of Medtronic’s venture organization focused on cardiac surgery technology. His background also includes serving on the management team at DLP, a Michigan-based cardiac device company which was acquired by Medtronic. Mike holds an MBA from Grand Valley State University and a BA from Calvin College. In addition, Mike is a Kauffman Fellow.

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    Date: June 26-27, 2013
    Location: The Metropolitan Club, New York City

    Audience: Institutional investors, high net worth individual investors, family offices, business development executives throughout the US and Europe building and financing high growth medical technology, health care and life science companies.

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