• New Markets to Finance Growth Companies

      New Markets to Finance Growth Companies 

      Emerging secondary markets have become a media-friendly channel to potentially support investment activity in a recovering economy. Popular in the tech space, this concept is now being introduced to the life science sector. Among the problems facing investors in life sciences is the exit strategy: access to liquidity in a reasonable time, despite long-term revenue projections.

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    • Securing Funding After the JOBS Act: Promises and Pitfalls

      Securing Funding After the JOBS Act: Promises and Pitfalls 

      The JOBS Act has created many new channels for companies exploring entrance into the public markets. Of particular interest are changes to Regulation D, Regulation A, which could become a major new financing tool for smaller companies to enter the public markets via a more friendly on-ramp.

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    • The Cloud: A New Frontier

      The Cloud: A New Frontier 

      The cloud. You’ve done the research, you know if you don’t act you’ll be left behind. You’ve chosen your development partners, maybe you’ve even gone as far as connecting your device. Congratulations…now what do you do? You’ve made all the right decisions but you may have overlooked a key question. How can you utilize this connected device to bring in the revenue you need?

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    • Non-Dilutive Financing

      Non-Dilutive Financing 

      With the current state of venture capital, non-dilutive financing methods have become increasingly important in mitigating the funding gap for EGC’s. There also exist case studies to suggest non-federal grant investment in our sector is growing. Internationally, government and non-government grants represent a significant portion of R&D investment in life sciences, and this financing channel is growing at a staggering rate.

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    • Fund Managers Unplugged

      Fund Managers Unplugged 

      Veteran Healthcare Fund Managers Outlook on 2013 and Beyond. Thursday June 27th, 2012 - 4:20 PM - 5:00 PM Are the turbulent markets changes and challenges facing healthcare investors today part of a business cycle or do they represent more fundamental changes? We have invited back veteran fund managers to discuss the successful ‘picks’ made during OneMedForumSF 2013 last January, and explore the state of financing in the life sciences arena. These experts offer their unique insight for investors and e

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    Date: June 26-27, 2013
    Location: The Metropolitan Club, New York City

    Audience: Institutional investors, high net worth individual investors, family offices, business development executives throughout the US and Europe building and financing high growth medical technology, health care and life science companies.

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