Private Company ‘Discovery’ Track

  • Our aim is to find and present the most promising new ‘discovery’ companies, or private start-up companies. These companies have the best new ideas in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries.

    Gensignia 9:40 AM
    GenSignia was founded in 2011, based on leading academic research, to develop new molecular diagnosis techniques for the earlier detection of cancers. The company’s discoveries show that it is possible to detect signatures of cancer in blood through the identification of tiny nucleic acid fragments, called miRNAs. Based on promising data, the company is looking to build a strong clinical test platform that will enable earlier diagnosis, and therefore improve survivability of the most prevalent, lethal cancers, such as lung cancer.

    Epion Health 9:50 AM
    Leveraging the power of mobile devices at the point of care to deliver interactive solutions to both patients and providers. Company provides a variety of mobile health applications and content using a cloud based application and content management solution. From patient check-in through check-out, Epion tools engage the patient and provide tools to enhance the patient/provider experience. The tools fully integrate with electronic health record and practice management systems to reduce administrative costs and increase efficiencies.

    Convoy Therapeutics 10:00 AM
    A subsidiary of ACTUS Biotechnologies, Convoy Therapeutics is developing a transdermal delivery system to allow small molecule therapeutics to penetrate the skin, where they can take effect. Their basis is rooted in the Skin-Penetrating And Cell Entering (SPACE) peptide technology; the company aims to use this technology to develop skin-penetrating compounds that target inflammatory diseases, like psoriasis and eczema, as well as skin cancers, including basal cell carcinomas and actinic keratoses.

    EnduRX 10:10 AM
    EnduRx Pharmaceuticals is a late stage pre-clinical pharmaceutical company focused on providing innovative treatments for cancer and vascular disease. The platform can be designated to target solid tumors and cardiovascular events. Mice studies have shown staggering success with a 9 out 10 cure rate with glioblastoma, a model that has been completely resistant to other therapies. In a breast cancer model, results demonstrated 90% reduction in tumor size with a 25% cure rate. All systems have been used successfully to image disease. The EnduRx platform technology is:  The only self-amplifying tumor homing system. The only tumor homing system that also kills the tumor. The only platform capable of significantly reducing arterial plaque. The only adaptable targeting platform for cancer and cardiovascular disease.

    Metabiomics 10:20 AM
    Metabiomics is an early stage, private, molecular diagnostics company that is developing products and services based on advances in human microbiome metagenomic sciences.Metabiomics has been an early innovator and leader in the development and application of microbial ecology and metagenomic sciences applied to human microbiome biomarker discovery and clinical research since 2004.Metabiomics provides specialized DNA sequencing and metagenomic research services to support scientific and clinical research of the Human Microbiome.

    Actium BioSystems 10:30 AM
    Actium is developing innovative nanotechnology based drugs and device drug combinational products for treating cancer. Our products are first of a kind approaches to well established proven concepts that have greatly increased the efficacy of traditional treatment modalities. Our first proof of concept target is intermediate and high risk nonmuscle invasive bladder cancer. Additional applications of our technology platform are indicated for breast, lung, pancreatic, ovarian, and glioblastoma cancers. We are actively pursuing in-licensing opportunities that support and expand our technology applications. In addition we are also actively searching for partner relationships that can add value to our drug and drug/device combinational product portfolio.

    Sensiotec 10:40 AM
    Founded in 2008, with a commitment to design and deliver a non-contact remote vital signs monitoring solution. The company developed The Virtual Medical Assistant, the world’s first truly remote, non-contact vital signs monitoring solution. The Virtual Medical Assistan technology has received FDA 510(k) Class II premarket clearance and is in market trials.

    Cognoptix 11:30 AM
    Developing technologies to enable non-invasive quantitative measurements of amyloid aggregates in the eye, to examine and measure deposits in specific areas of the lens as a means of early detection of Alzheimer’s disease. Cognoptix’s SAPPHIRE platform is a combination drug/device product designed to be compact and easy to use for in situ patient examination in a doctor’s office setting.

    S.E.A. Medical Systems 11:40 AM
    S.E.A. Medical Systems Inc. is a private healthtech company that pioneers smart solutions for the safe manufacture, preparation, delivery, and disposal of intravenous and other liquid medications. The Company’s medical devices catch life-threatening IV drug errors before they harm patients.

    Micro Interventional Devices 11:50 AM
    Micro Interventional Devices is developing disruptive technologies that are revolutionizing percutaneous and minimally invasive structural heart repair procedures. Our proprietary technology is based on a breakthrough in soft- tissue anchoring and associated delivery devices that enable off-pump procedures.

    Aridis 12:00 PM
    Aridis Pharmaceuticals is a privately held biotechnology company established in 2005 and headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company has raised over $20m in non-dilutive grant funding and developed a product portfolio to treat respiratory infections featuring two clinical stage anti-infective human monoclonal antibodies (mAb), and a gallium-based, broad spectrum anti-infective. The company is led by senior drug development executives from biotechnology pioneers such as Genentech and MedImmune with decades of experience, leading to several well-known commercial products. Aridis is seeking to raise $15M Series A capital to continue a key Phase 2a clinical trial and to advance two (2) anti-infectives through Phase 1 clinical trials within an 18 month period.

    Complexa 12:10 PM
    Founded in 2008, Complexa, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing innovative therapies for the treatment inflammatory and metabolic diseases. Initial focus is placed on acute and chronic kidney disease.

    Respicardia 12:20 PM
    Founded in 2006 and headquartered near Minneapolis, Minnesota, Respicardia is dedicated to improving the lives of heart failure patients by developing implantable therapies designed to improve respiratory rhythm management and cardiovascular health. The first product, The remede® System, is an implantable stimulation device that is designed to restore a more normal breathing pattern during sleep for patients with central sleep apnea. Respicardia is committed to improving cardiovascular health one breath at a time.

    BOSS Medical 2:10 PM
    BOSS Medical is currently developing its first product, the BOSS Harvester – a novel, intuitive system which will enable surgeons to harvest autologous bone graft (autograft) utilizing a minimally invasive approach. Currently, the company is developing a novel surgical device that will enable surgeons to use gold standard autologous bone graft material. Current bone graft solutions are suboptimal in terms of efficacy, safety, and cost.

    Ischemix 2:20 PM
    Developing a portfolio of therapeutic compounds for the prevention and treatment of serious cardiac and renal conditions. The Company’s lead product candidate, CMX-2043, has been shown to be a safe, potent cytoprotective agent that acts through the Akt signal transduction pathway. In a 142-patient international Phase 2a trial in PCI patients, CMX-2043 demonstrated statistical significance in the reduction of biomarkers of peri-procedural cardiac injury. To further leverage the broad capabilities of our lead compound, we designed the next clinical trial of CMX-2043 to include AKI/CIN, while continuing to build on the successful results of our Phase 2a results in preventing cardiac injury in PCI patients. The pathophysiology of AKI/CIN is similar to peri-procedural cardiac injury. Patients entering the cardiac catheterization laboratory for non-emergent procedures present an attractive opportunity to study AKI/CIN as well as peri-procedural cardiac injury. Longer term, we expect to study CMX-2043 in prevention and treatment modes in other AKI indications, as well as in other cardiac and cardio-renal injury indications. For example, we have pre-clinical data showing the ability of our compound to reverse biomarker evidence of AKI in rats. Ischemix is raising $12.8 MM in a Series A Convertible Preferred Stock offering to fund an additional Phase 2 trial of CMX-2043 to i) study prevention of acute kidney injury/contrast-induced nephropathy (AKI/CIN) ii) confirm cardiac injury prevention. Proceeds of the offering will also finance selected additional pre-clinical activities.

    Socorro Medical 2:30 PM
    Developing an FDA-approved device for endoscopic carpal tunnel release and additional indications for elbow, foot and leg surgery for nerve tendon and other soft tissue releases. Several of the most common extremity operations are positively impacted by this technology, and represent a 10B market. The expert surgeon-scientist-engineer team has built many unique features to ensure rapid market acceptance, all covered by robust IP. Commercialization is targeted for the end of 2013.

    ISTO Technologies 2:40 PM
    ISTO Technologies, Inc. ( is state of the art regenerative medicine company developing innovative cartilage and bone products for spinal therapy, sports medicine and other orthopedic indications. ISTO’s main strategic focus is on the development of its juvenile allogeneic cartilage technology platform for cartilage regeneration. The company has also developed and commercialized a novel biosynthetic product that supports bone formation in a variety of surgical orthopedic applications including trauma as well as spinal and ankle fusion procedures. In adults, injured cartilage does not normally heal or regenerate. ISTO has developed unique, proprietary methods to expand and preserve cartilage cells (chondrocytes) derived from autologous juvenile cartilage tissue, having exceptional regenerative potential when compared to adult cells. This allows the company to offer a product with far superior healing and regenerative capabilities compared to competing cell-based technologies that use less proliferative, comparatively senile autologous cells. In addition, because juvenile cells can be expanded over multiple doublings, ISTO offers a unique, scalable platform technology capable of addressing numerous applications not possible with autologous technologies. ISTO currently has two cell-based cartilage products in FDA controlled human clinical trials targeting articular cartilage defects in the knee and degenerative spinal disc. RevaFlex is an off the shelf scaffold-free engineered cartilage tissue implanted onto focal knee cartilage defects using a biologic glue. RevaFlex is currently in a phase III clinical trial, designed to demonstrate superiority over standard of care microfracture. The second cell-based product, NuQu®, was developed as a minimally invasive therapeutic application of juvenile chondrocytes for the early treatment of patients with moderate to severe back pain, also known as discogenic back pain. This application targets patients who are non-responsive to conservative treatment (i.e., bed rest, physical therapy and local pharmacologic injections), and whose only alternative is a surgical procedure. Finally, in addition to its cartilage platform technology, ISTO has developed, patented and is marketing a biosynthetic for tissue regeneration. Although a potential platform for multiple uses, its initial target is for bone regeneration. InQu® is a novel biomaterial that combines the polymer PLGA and hyaluronic acid, offering a great scaffold with a unique biology not shared with other synthetic product in the market.

    MedicaSafe 2:50 PM
    Creates innovative technologies for medication compliance and adherence. These solutions also address needs for regular patient assessment, tracking, and medication access management, enabling creation of comprehensive treatment management systems that reduce labor and costs while improving outcomes. MedicaSafe’s products include risk management systems for ‘abuse-prone’ drugs and monitoring/behavioral modification systems for chronic and high-stakes medications where adherence is critical.

    Vesselon 3:00 PM



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