Meeting System

  • OneMedPlace created this meeting system to help conference delegates connect. This system provides users the opportunity to schedule and confirm meetings at the conference with any of the attendees and presenting companies.

    We have organized a meeting area at the conference designated specifically for the meetings made through our system.

    To utilize the system, you will need to log onto your control panel by clicking: HERE

    With a few simple clicks you can indicate the times you are available or unavailable, and search out others you would like to meet during OneMedForum.

    Your password to login is sent after registering online.

    If you have any questions, please contact

    With OneMedPartnering you have the ability to:

    – Set up meetings with other presenting companies and investors.
    – Arrange your own meeting schedule, by blocking time when you are unavailable.
    – Get meeting request to your email.
    – Send messages through our meeting system (with Compose Message option).
    – Update your company information.
    – Change your password.