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  • Background: Dramatic changes in the financial markets have largely eliminated sell side research coverage for all but the largest and most actively traded stocks. This leaves some of the most promising equity investment opportunities inaccessible to most investors. OMP Research Coverage was created to respond to this opportunity.

    Focus: We concentrate on companies we think can experience a dramatic increase in valuation if one or more little known but expected events occur followed by heightened investor awareness. Common situations where this is the case:

    • Fallen angels and broken deals. A once exiting investment experienced a setback and investors lost interest. (missteps with the FDA, failed trials, bankruptcy, poor management or other mistakes). Typically the fundamental idea is very strong. New management has come in to rebuild.
    • Hidden management. Science driven companies, doing brilliant work, creating something powerful but internally focused and modest to a fault. Uncomfortable with self promotion. Recognition at some point it is necessary and now prepared to put resources into getting the story told.
    • New technologies or developments. New ideas and innovations or new developments that may be disruptive and in some cases unexpected and capable of big things if given the right exposure and connections.

    Sourcing: We find these companies though an expansive network of analysts, investment bankers, venture investors, business development executives, and entrepreneurs built over 6 years running the OneMedForum investment conferences.

    Additionally we have a group of scientific researchers that annually builds our “OMP 100” to identify the most promising science addressing the largest clinical needs. Our basket of public equities from this list increased 42% in the period June 2010 to 2011.

    Service: We put in place systematic, consistent, quality communications delivered via the OneMedPlace media infrastructure: OneMedTV, OneMedRadio, Global Database, Sentinel, and Conferences.

    We do not provide investor relations services such as assistance with press releases, earning reports, crisis management, non-deal road shows and other IR services.

    In some cases we offer business development services to help companies access the connections (such as corporate partners) they need to maximize their success.

    Audience: Although we attract traders, our target audience is investors looking for venture type returns (5x-10x) and willing to hold for 2 to 3 years.

    Our core universe is a focused list about 3000 Individual and Financial and Strategic Institutional investors. This includes advisors, panelists at OneMedForum conferences, contributors, article subjects or other accredited investors including CEO’s of growth companies.

    Distribution: OneMedPlace has amassed a large network of relationships with significant players in the emerging company health space, both individuals and organizations. Sophisticated investors, high net worth individuals, CEO’s and board members of emerging healthcare and life science companies are all included in the Sentinel circulation ranges from 20,000 – 30,000.


    Brett Johnson, President and Executive Editor
    Brett is an experienced entrepreneur, having successfully launched numerous communications-related enterprises. He started with the Minnesota Collaborative a regional network that assists emerging companies and annually hosts one of the country’s largest venture capital conferences, where presenting companies have raised in excess of $2 billion since 1994. He was founder and editor-in-chief of Minnesota Ventures magazine, a regional business publication focusing on small and growing companies. He was also founder and publisher of Law & Politics magazine, a monthly published in Minnesota and Washington and whose SuperLawyers supplement is syndicated in 40 markets. His healthcare experience began in pharmacy, where he worked with the National Community Pharmacists Association NCPA and founded There, as CEO, he built an online network of almost 2,000 local drugstores throughout the U.S. He was also active in the financing and development of Health Integrated, a leading national disease management company. His non-profit background includes founding the Environmental Initiative in 1990 to address regional environmental issues by bringing together environmental groups, industry and government. The organization has become a model for other regional environmental initiatives. He received his degree in economics from Harvard University.

    Malini Chatterjee, Director of Research
    Malini Chatterjee PhD. joined our team as Director of Research and project manager for OMP Research. In addition, Malini Chatterjee is the CEO of Bio Intuition, a healthcare (therapeutics) consulting company that she founded in 2008. Bio Intuition provides situation-analysis on many critical issues that sponsors, investors and doctors face during drug development. These include analysis and recommendations on moleular structure and biology of a given drug, clinical trial design and statistics, marketplace size/dynamics/analytics, marketing messages, medical conference assistants, analysis of IMS/NDC prescription, patent analysis, IPO design and investor message testing, biotech image makeover (crisis analysis) and M&A strategy analysis. Malini brings a decade of buy side healthcare investment experience on wall street with some of the most respected firms including SAC delete and where she has been responsible for a portfolio of $500 million in primarily biotechnology investments. She has an intimate understanding of what it takes to gain institutional investors and she brings a strong network of institutions to bear. She received her Ph.D from Columbia, and (has the distinction of having graduated no. 1 in her class for both her) delete received her Bachelors of Science and Masters from the University of Bombay, which are regarded as India’s most competitive Universities. She will be conducting interviews and assisting us as we develop our “catalyst” program. Simply put, this is a strategy to help companies prepare and then properly communicate their catalysts. In her words, the world of investing has changed. Investors are interested in compelling reasons to invest now. They want to invest on catalysts. The key is to have them prepared and ready to act, which requires runway.

    Romulo Hurtado, Science Editor
    Romulo received his doctorate from Weill Cornell Medical College where he has worked as a research technician in a world renowned cardiac development lab for three years. He has the distinction of having published six scientific journal articles to date. In 2005 he invented a new chromagenic substrate that can be used for the detection of markers, such as genetic expression. This is currently used broadly for the study of double expression of genes. His research to determine the mechanisms by which muscular contraction within the renal system is conferred was the cover of the scientific journal Kidney International April 2010. Born in Ecuador and raised in Queens graduated with a B.S., with honors in biology, from the City University of New York, City College. After graduating with the top awards in biological course work and research, he went on to work at As a technician Romulo published three scientific articles, and most notably, in Romulo is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Cornell Medical College in the Physiology, Biophysics and Systems Biology program. For the past three years he has been studying the development and function of the kidney, and he has published three more scientific journal articles.

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    Date: June 26-27, 2013
    Location: The Metropolitan Club, New York City

    Audience: Institutional investors, high net worth individual investors, family offices, business development executives throughout the US and Europe building and financing high growth medical technology, health care and life science companies.

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