SF2013 Presenting Companies

  • Companies below are presenting at OneMedForum SF2013 held in January. Check back soon for updates on presenting companies for this upcoming event.

    AcuityBio has developed a unique, and simple to use, drug-eluting implant that reduces the incidence of locoregional lung cancer recurrence by locally delivering therapeutic levels of drug to the site of disease for over several months. Our product candidate is based on technology developed and patented by Boston University and Brigham & Woman’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School researchers and clinicians. AcuityBio’s product is based on drug-eluting poly(glycerol monostearate-co-caprolactone) films.

    Advaxis Incorporated
    Advaxis is a biotechnology company developing the next generation of immunotherapies for cancer and infectious diseases. Advaxis immunotherapies are based upon a novel platform technology that utilizes live attenuated Listeria monocytogenes (Lm) bio-engineered to secrete an antigen/adjuvant fusion (Lm-LLO) protein.

    ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticals
    ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticals Inc. is an oncology- and hematology-focused specialty pharmaceutical company that acquires, develops, and commercializes proprietary product candidates.

    AF Cell
    AFCell is a biotechnology company based in New Jersey. The company recognized the true potential of a natural material, and that the market was open for a nimble company with strong science to step in and take the lead. Understanding the protective function of the Amniotic membrane and its applications in the OR, AFcell has positioned itself to transform the industry, becoming THE leader in Amniotic membrane-based biomaterial technology.

    Agenus Bio
    Agenus is commercializing breakthrough immunotherapies for cancer and infectious diseases. Within the Company’s Saponin platform is QS-21 Stimulon®, an adjuvant derived from the bark of the Quillaja saponaria tree designed to strengthen the body’s immune response to a vaccine’s antigen, thus making the vaccine more effective. Currently, there are approximately 15 vaccine candidates using QS-21 in clinical development for infectious diseases, cancers, and central nervous system disorders, four of which are in Phase III studies for malaria, non-small cell lung cancer, melanoma, and shingles, respectively.

    Angel Medical Systems
    Angel Medical Systems was founded by a group of well-known medical entrepreneurs. The founders envisioned a company that would become a global leader in the identification and development of innovative technologies with the power to improve the lives of patients whose clinical needs were not being met. Led by a seasoned management team, including former Bell Labs engineers and scientists, Angel Medical Systems creates products internally and also looks externally for new technologies by partnering with physicians, inventors and institutions.

    Asuragen, Inc.
    Asuragen is a molecular diagnostics company with a pioneering position in miRNA using genomics to drive better patient management through best-in-class clinical testing solutions. The company uses a breadth of technologies and talent to discover, develop and commercialize diagnostic products and clinical testing services with efficiency and flexibility both internally and for our companion diagnostic partners. Today, Asuragen’s products, services and technologies drive countless patient management decisions across oncology, genetic disease, and other molecular testing modalities. In the future, we envision the company’s development of miRNA-based clinical diagnostics will help transform medicine by improving clinical outcomes and health economics.

    Atossa Genetics, Inc.xx
    Atossa Genetics, Inc. is a healthcare company focused on the development and marketing of novel cellular and molecular diagnostic risk assessment products for breast cancer. Using our patented, FDA-cleared Mammary Aspirate Specimen Cytology Test (MASCT) System, a nurse or physician’s assistant, can painlessly collect a sample of Nipple Aspirate Fluid (NAF) in about 10 minutes. TheMASCT device is intended for use in the collection of nipple aspirate fluid for cytological testing. The collected fluid can be used in the determination and/or differentiation of normal versus premalignant versus malignant cells.

    Bacterin International, Inc.xx
    Bacterin International Holdings Inc. develops anti-microbial, anti-infective coatings for revolutionary bone graft material and also processes and markets innovative, biologic allografts for transplantation. Objectives of allograft use include pain relief, aid in tissue regeneration, and aid in bone fusion in spinal and sports medicine procedures

    BeckerSmith Medicalxx

    BioAlta, LLC is a global biology outsourcing service provider.They do not develop our own products, but they do help protect your intellectual property as if it were our own. Their partnership benefits mean your research costs and stacked royalties are substantially reduced and potentially eliminated. You’ll be able to operate more nimbly, produce better shareholder value, and ultimately move ahead of your competitors in a marketplace where delays are commonplace.

    BioLife Solutions, Inc.
    BioLife Solutions manufactures and markets low temperature technologies for use in preserving and prolonging the viability of cellular and genetic material in cell therapy and tissue engineering applications.

    Biomay is a contract manufacturing organisation (CMO) for GMP-grade recombinant proteins and plasmid DNA. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, Biomay has manufactured recombinant biomolecules with microbial systems (E. coli, yeasts) for more than 20 years. In addition, Biomay has a product development focus in the field of preventive and therapeutic vaccination against allergic diseases.

    Bluegrass Vascular Technologiesxx

    BrainFX Inc.
    BrainFX creates assessment tools to measure brain function. Your brain is the control centre for all you do in life. So your brain function affects what you do, how much you do and how well you do it at: Home School Work Sport, Play, Hobbies Measuring your brain function means you and your healthcare team can compare it with your own profile at a future date if you are at risk for injury or degenerative changes.

    CellAegis Devices
    CellAegis Devices is the developer of the automated, noninvasive autoRICTM Device to enable Remote Ischemic Conditioning, with applications in acute and chronic care settings. By activating innate mechanisms of metabolic protection in the body, RIC has been shown to reduce the damage to cardiac and other organs resulting from diverse ischemic events, including myocardial infarctions, cardiac surgery, stroke, trauma, and organ transplantation.

    Clinova Ltd.
    Clinova is a pharmaceutical group focused on developing, manufacturing, licensing and marketing consumer healthcare products and medical devices.

    Cognoptix is developing technologies to enable non-invasive quantitative measurements of amyloid aggregates in the eye, to examine and measure deposits in specific areas of the lens as a means of early detection of Alzheimer’s disease.

    Colby Pharmaceuticals
    Colby Pharmaceutical Company is developing new signal transduction, oxidative-stress, and hypoxia-inhibitor drugs to treat tumors that are resistant to therapy. Colby’s lead drug candidate, CPC-100, is intended for prostate cancer patients who have already been through surgery or radiation for their primary prostate tumor and have yielded insufficient results with Androgen Depletion Therapy.

    Colibri Technologies, Inc.
    Colibri is developing minimally invasive imaging technologies with broad clinical relevance. Colibri’s patented 3D imaging catheters will provide physicians with images of the cardiovascular and other organ systems not previously attainable. As the use of minimally invasive therapies in the 21st century expands to include treatment of arrhythmias, valvular disease and chronically occluded vessels, the demand for advanced imaging technologies to make such treatments faster, safer, simpler and more affordable is growing rapidly. The 3D imaging catheters will initially be introduced to assist with cardiac procedures that could benefit from better imaging guidance options, such as atrial fibrillation ablation procedures. Colibri Technologies is developing a suite of image guidance technologies to make modern medical procedures safer, faster, less expensive and more effective.

    CollabRx is a data analytics company that uses cloud-based expert systems to inform healthcare decision-making by aggregating and contextualizing the world’s knowledge on genomics-based medicine with specific insights from the nation’s top clinical experts.

    CorInnova is has developed a breakthrough technological platform for the treatment of heart failure. Congestive heart failure is a gradually progressive condition in which the heart muscle weakens, leading to a decrease in contraction force and inadequate delivery of oxygen-rich blood to the body. Utilizing the knowledge that aberrant cardiac motion leads to congestive heart failure by causing abnormal growth and remodeling of the heart, CorInnova has developed the CardiacSTAR(TM), a minimally invasive, direct cardiac compression device that restores normal cardiac motion to the heart through the application of gentle pressure. The CardiacSTAR will be the first heart assist device on the market that promotes healthy cardiac motion rather than heart ejection or flow. This restoration of normal cardiac motion enables the reversal of muscle damage, allowing the heart to remodel itself back to a normal, healthy state. This earlier-stage medical device company’s technology is poised to replace or work in conjunction with already-existent treatments including invasive surgery, pharmaceuticals, and electrical and stem cell therapies.

    CytoPherx, Inc.
    CytoPherx, Inc., is a venture-backed, clinical stage medical device company addressing inflammation-based diseases and conditions with a proprietary selective cytopheresis-based, inflammation modulating system.

    CytoSorbents has developed hemoperfusion technology to treat conditions such as sepsis and kidney disease by removing toxins and deleterious components from the blood. Sepsis can occur when the immune system creates too much cytokine, and kills 250,000 of the 1,000,000 U.S. citizens who develop it each year. CytoSorb™, the Company’s lead product, is designed to reduce levels of cytokines as an adjuvant to hemodialysis, significantly improving odds of recovery from sepsis. CytoSorb™ works by utilizing blood-compatible polymer beads that are equipped with appropriately-sized pores that capture toxic substances from the blood while allowing smaller and larger substances to pass through and around the beads. In March 2011, this later-stage medical device company achieved European CE Mark approval for CytoSorb™.

    DARA Biosciences

    DARA BioSciences is focused on development and commercialization of oncology treatment and supportive care products under a team of strong business leaders. DARA’s structure results in success — for patients as well as investors. We’re as innovative as the therapies we develop and are committed to improving patients’ quality of life.

    Discogen targets the biological processes associated with inflammation and degradation of the intervertebral disc through topical and minimally invasive strategies. Discogen devices and therapies will treat a wide variety of back pain disorders that effect an age-related population of over 6 million patients diagnosed with DBP annually. Discogen will address unmet needs in the multi-billion ($25-30 billion by 2013) dollar back pain market with potentially greater efficacy and shift from palliative care to clinical interventions for slowing the progression of degenerative disc disorders.

    Domain Surgicalxx
    Domain Surgical is a medical device company developing advanced thermal surgical technology for soft tissue cutting and coagulation.The FMwand ferromagnetic surgical technology was originally conceived by pediatric neurosurgeon Kim H. Manwaring, M.D. Dr. Manwaring had been developing this technology in an effort to create a better alternative to existing energy-based surgical modalities.

    E.T. View Medical
    ETView Medical Ltd. has successfully combined airway management with continuous direct airway visualization for medical professionals. ETView’s patented single-use single- and double-lumen tubes consist of a ventilation tube with an integrated continuous high-resolution video imaging system. The company has distribution agreements in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The VivaSight platform products are extensively protected by both US and international patents, both issued and pending, and have received US (FDA), European (CE), and Asian (KFDA, AMAR and others) regulatory clearances.

    Since Ellman International was founded in 1959, the company has grown to become a global leader in advanced radiofrequency (RF) technology for precision surgical and aesthetic procedures. Today, Ellman serves the aesthetic, multi-specialty surgical, dental and veterinary markets.

    Emmaus Medicalxx
    The mission of Emmaus Medical is to improve the lives of people with rare disease by the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative and cost-effective medicines. NutreStore® [L-glutamine powder for oral solution] is indicated for the treatment of Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS) in patients receiving specialized nutritional support when used in conjunction with a recombinant human growth hormone approved for this indication.


    Epiomed Therapeuticsxx

    ExThera Medical
    ExThera Medical is targeting the clinical treatment of blood-borne diseases including bacteremia and sepsis, as well as the removal of harmful substances present in banked human blood and/or caused by contact with man-made materials during cardiopulmonary bypass, dialysis and other extracorporeal procedures.

    (FPMI)FluoroPharma, Inc.
    FluoroPharma Medical, Inc., engages in the discovery, development and commercialization of proprietary medical diagnostic imaging products. The company’s initial focus is the development of breakthrough positron emission tomography (PET) imaging agents for the efficient detection and assessment of acute and chronic forms of coronary artery disease (CAD). Other products in development include agents for detection of inflamed atherosclerotic plaque in peripheral arteries, amyloid plaque in Alzheimer’s disease and agents for detection of certain types of cancer.

    Glysure is a medical device company that develops and distributes a system to monitor assist in the diagnosis of glucose related blood illnesses.

    HealthLink Europe
    HealthLink Europe is an ISO 13485 certified Medical Device Distribution Company with facilities in The Netherlands and The United States. HealthLink’s mission is to provide our Medical Device customers with the expertise, service and value necessary to accelerate their growth in Europe, while functioning as a transparent extension of their business.

    Hemacon’s gravity-based blood separation system enables the easy, effective and on-site separation of blood into its components. Based on the unique filter technology in the ProBlood unit, the system produces erythrocytes and perfectly cell-free plasma from a unit of whole blood. The Hemacon system requires no external energy sources and runs solely on the forces of gravity.

    Histogenics is a late-stage, privately held regenerative medicine company. They combine cell therapy and tissue engineering technologies to develop innovative products for tissue repair and regeneration. The Company’s flagship products focus on the treatment of patients with active lifestyles who suffer from articular cartilage-derived pain and immobility. Damaged cartilage cannot repair or restore itself, and if left untreated, can lead to chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis.

    Immune Pharmaceuticals
    IMMUNE Pharmaceuticals is emerging leader in developing Monoclonal Antibodies, Ligand-conjugated Nanoparticles (NanomAbs®), and PEGylated Polymeric NanoParticles (PPNs®) based products for a broad range of therapeutic applications, including solid tumors and hematological malignancies, autoimmune, inflammatory and infectious diseases.

    Implandata Opthalmic Products
    Implandata Opthalmic Products GmbH is a medical device start-up company, located in Hannover, Germany. The venture capital funded company owns the most superior and robust technology for wireless intracorporal pressure measurement, developed in collaboration with Fraunhofer Gesellschaft e.V., Germany, which is Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization. Our first products for ophthalmic applications are momentarily in the regulatory approval process, demonstrating compliance with relevant standards. We expect CE mark and initial market launch soon, followed by regulatory approvals for the US market and subsequent marketing in North America. Implandata Ophthalmic Products GmbH will transform glaucoma care via dramatically better disease information at significant less effort

    InfoBionic TM
    InfoBionic is an emerging mHealth company with a proprietary cloud-based SaaS solution, MoMe for comprehensive remote physiological monitoring and analytics. Their vision is to be part of the transformation of healthcare delivery providing anywhere anytime access to monitoring with higher quality and lower cost.

    Innova Medical Designxx

    IntelGenx Technologies Corpxx

    Interface Biologics
    Interface Biologics, Inc. develops biomedical polymer technology to improve the safety and effectiveness of medical devices, especially those that reduce thrombosis without using heparin. Thrombosis costs the US $1B annually, and contemporary methods of treatment for thrombosis involve devices that are either uncoated or coated with heparin or other lubricous materials; these coatings have limited long-term effectiveness, and heparin is contra-indicated in many patients.



    ISTO Techxx

    Medical Cyberworlds
    Medical Cyberworlds Inc. (MCI) uses proprietary, cutting-edge technology to train people, assess skills, and certify competency in high-stakes interactions, such as crucial conversations between doctors and patients.


    Medtronic Neurmodulation

    Micro Interventional Devicesxx
    Micro Interventional Devices (MID) is an early stage medical device company that designs, manufactures and commercializes disruptive technologies for use in percutaneous and minimally invasive structural heart repair procedures.

    MiMedx Group, Inc.

    MiMedx Group, Inc. (“MiMedx Group”) is an integrated developer, manufacturer and marketer of patent protected biomaterial-based products. The company is successfully emerging from a development-focused start-up phase into a fully integrated operating company with expertise to capitalize on its science and technology and its capacity to generate sales growth and profitability. “Repair, don’t replace” is the mantra of the MiMedx Group biochemists, engineers, and designers who are developing today’s biomaterial-based solutions for patients and physicians. Market research shows the first desire of patients ranging from active baby-boomers and weekend warriors to high-school and professional athletes is to augment repair when possible rather than replace traumatized, but otherwise healthy tissues and structures. Clinical research has proven that biomaterials can appropriately work to achieve augmentation and repair.

    Monteris Medical, Inc.
    Monteris Medical Corporation is a privately held medical device company dedicated to the development of minimally invasive, MRI-guided neurosurgical solutions. They strive to provide options for surgeons treating brain cancer.


    NanoViricides Inc. is a pre-clinical biotech company that develops drugs to combat viral infections. The Company designs “nanoviricides” that fool viruses into attaching to them in that same way that viruses typically attach to the receptors on a cell surface; once attached, the nanoviricide causes the virus to lose the protein coat it would need to bind to the human cell that it otherwise would, effectively neutralizing it without engaging the immune system. The Company has drug candidates against HIV, seasonal influenzas and bird flu, herpes, viral eye diseases, and dengue viruses, and has nominated a clinical candidate in its FluCide™ program. The research team at this earlier-stage biotechnology company possesses the combined expertise of having performed research, development, and regulatory processing for over 25 drugs, of which ten are approved.

    Neocontrol is a privately held medical device company. developed a novel non-invasive neuro-muscular stimulator of the pelvic floor , as a treatment for a variety of disease states. The Company has multiple patents approved, pending, and in preparation.

    Neptune Technologies & Bioressources / Acasti Pharamxx


    NeuroMetrix is a medical device company focused on the neurological complications of diabetes. Its products consist of medical devices and consumable biosensors. The Company believes that there are significant unmet needs in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic neuropathies. It is uniquely positioned to address these needs due to its decade-long experience in developing devices that measure and alter peripheral nerve function.


    Oxygen Biotherapeuticsxx

    PatientPay Inc.
    PatientPay is the innovative, easy and profitable solution to the costly and complicated challenge of managing and processing patient balances. We have been issued 3 patents for our online bill pay solution.

    Personalized Cancer Therapy, Inc.xx

    Response Biomedical Group
    Response Biomedical is commercializing a new class of diagnostic with the world’s only immunoassay platform that provides lab quality information in a matter of minutes, anywhere, every time. RAMP tests are commercially available for three cardiac markers used in the early detection of heart attack, environmental detection of West Nile virus, and biodefense applications including the detection of anthrax, ricin, smallpox, and botulinum toxin.


    Ridge Diagnosticsxx

    S.E.A. Medical Systems
    S.E.A. Medical Systems Inc. is a private healthtech company that pioneers smart solutions for the safe manufacture, preparation, delivery, and disposal of intravenous and other liquid medications. The Company’s medical devices catch life-threatening IV drug errors before they harm patients.

    Salvetis Ltdxx

    Silver Bullet Therapeutics, Inc.xx

    Simavita Pty Ltd.
    Simavita is a company established to deliver innovative continence management solutions for our customers, developed in ethical collaboration with healthcare professionals, which provides a quality of life for older people, improving dignity and grace. The first medical device developed is a solution to urinary continence assessment.

    Soft Tissue Regernation, Inc.
    Soft Tissue Regeneration Inc. (“STR”) is the first to create a bioengineered matrix that completely regenerates the ACL. STR has also submitted a 510(k) application for soft tissue augmentation and rotator cuff repair device.

    Stellar Pharmaceuticalxx

    Stroma Medical Corporation
    Stroma Medical is a late development stage medical device company. Stroma uses a proprietary laser system to safely and effectively change the color of peoples eyes from brown or hazel to blue or green. The company has patents issued and pending.

    Synthetic Biologics
    Synthetic Biologics is a biotechnology company focused on the development of synthetic DNA-based therapeutics and innovative disease-modifying medicines for serious illnesses. Synthetic Biologics is developing, or has partnered the development of, product candidates for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS), cognitive dysfunction in MS, fibromyalgia and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).


    Targeted Medical Pharma, Inc.xx

    Tensys Medical, Inc.xx


    TNI BioTech, Inc.xx


    VertiFlex, Inc.xx

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