GE Executive Mark Dente, MD to Appear on Health Technology Panel

ge3Mark Dente, MD, the Chief Medical Informatics Officer at General Electric will be joining the Health Tech panel which will be held January 13th at OneMedForum SF 2011.

“We are pleased to have someone with his perspective,” said Brett Johnson, OneMedPlace and conference organizer.  “He has a good outlook on where the world of health information is going.  He will discuss some of the major trends that are occurring in the delivery of healthcare. The virtual world of remote monitoring is changing the nature of the business.”

As a medical doctor, entrepreneur, and investor, he has 6 years at GE helping to drive the informatics strategy of  the IT group that is about $1.6. billion of GE’s $17 billion healthcare business.

Many GE acquisition opportunities are outside the U.S.  For example, they grew more than 45% in India last year. Now, they are looking to fill out that market with Indian companies.

GE is also doing increasing amounts of co-marketing deals. Small companies can leverage a co-marketing suite.  Companies can use the “GE meatball” logo and it works well for them. “These relationships don’t happen quickly,” said Dente. “We are very programmatic about how we approach it.  We allow their product to be sold by our sales reps and get a number of those per year.  What we tell people is, we will bring you into the deal, but you still have to sell it.”

Also at GE, is Healthy Imagination,  a $200 million fund looking at young companies that are almost at any stage, but the targets have to align with one of the P&L’s at GE.  “We hope to have someone from that group join us on Jan 13th at the Health Technology Session,” said Dente.

Prior to joining GE Healthcare, Dr. Dente served as President of MBS Service, Inc., a consulting company providing international executive healthcare management services.  Earlier in his career, he served as Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Wang Healthcare Information Systems, and led that company’s design of an ambulatory electronic medical record.

As a physician executive, Dr. Dente continues to maintain close academic, government and industry contacts He is currently serving on the Advisory Council to the Board of Directory of HL7 and is passionate about driving GE’s “Early Health – Personalized Medicine” initiative at the national and international level.

As Chief Medical Informatics Officer for GE Healthcare Information Technology, his global responsibilities include: Applying domain expertise in informatics to drive Comparative Effectiveness Research, strategic evaluation of emerging technologies for the healthcare portfolio, as well as developing and delivering GE’s clinical informatics research direction & messaging globally.  Additional responsibilities include; clinical liaison for GE’s standards based Interoperability Strategies, Knowledge Management / Evidence Based Medicine, and secondary use of Clinical Data programs.

Dr. Dente started his informatics career over 18 years ago after graduating from Boston University School of Medicine, focusing on new approaches to increase patient safety, drive physician adoption of technology, and create new methods to implement evidence-based medicine.

Dente, who works across the entire GE portfolio from Ireland to Arkansas logs about 200,000 miles a year.

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