Halo Monitoring Develops Advanced Fall Detection System

Halo Monitoring is a medical alarm company focused on enabling seniors to remain in their own homes safely and with more independence. The medical alarm, myHalo is an advanced personal monitoring device that provides 24/7 activity and health monitoring as well as advanced fall detection. It is the first medical alarm that is able to send an automatic alert- no need to push a button- in the event of a fall.  The device monitors and wirelessly transmits vital signs, patterns of movement, and other critical information, specifically falls, via a secure website while sending family members or caregivers medical alerts via phone, text message or email upon an adverse event. Unlike prior aging in place devices, myHalo is non-invasive, worn under clothing or on a belt clip, and the information that is transmitted is stored on the company’s online health portal, as well as on Microsoft’s HealthVault. One of the most pressing concerns in geriatric medicine is the occurrence of sudden injury or illness in the elderly, which can become particularly dangerous if medical treatment is not delivered in a timely manner.

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