Health 2.0 Spring Fling 2011

Health 2.0 announces its Spring Fling for 2011. Following trips to Boston and Paris in their two previous Spring Conferences, they are returning to the scene of their first Spring Fling in 2008 — San Diego.

Monday – Tuesday, March 21-22, 2011
Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines, La Jolla, CA
– Just 15 minutes from the San Diego Airport! –

All three themes are essential for the future of health care and Heath 2.0 technologies and services will impact all three.

The themes are:

  • Making health care cheaper
  • The evolution of research
  • Prevention, wellness, exercise & food

For each theme Health 2.0 be showcasing new technologies, new services, and new partnerships, as well as catching up with leaders in health care, and Health 2.0. And all of these themes will be critical to the Health 2.0 community helping the heath care system evolve in a positive direction.

Winners of the newest set of challenges from the online Health 2.0 Developer Challenge will also be showcased. And in the run-up to the Spring Conference, Health 2.0 will be announcing a series of very exciting regional code-a-thons around the United States focused on the themes of the San Diego conference, from low cost innovation, to childhood obesity and to the collaboration between researchers and developers.

If you haven’t been to Health 2.0 before, there’ll be a special pre-session in which Indu Subaiya & Matthew Holt (the Co-Founders) will deliver a “Health 2.0 101″ to bring you up to speed. (Hope we didn’t use too many numbers there!)

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