Health & Biotech Summit in New York Notes CEOs Wanted

Earlier this month, hundreds of people gathered at the New York Academic Consortium’s Health and Biotechnology Summit to witness the best emerging technologies from the New York area’s leading research institutions. Starting off the event was Maria Gotsch, one of the event organizers, who addressed a dire need for CEOs capable of bringing these projects into full realization.

According to Gotsch, CEO of Partnership for New York, “New York uniquely produces more innovative medical technology than any other region, but it lags in new company formation.” There are dozens of emerging breakthrough technologies in which significant enterprises could be built, but no CEOs to take the lead. These projects are capable of getting the funding and resources necessary to get off the ground, but are desperate for CEOs and entrepreneurs experienced enough to take ideas from the lab into full fruition.

To get information about these projects or if you know a capable CEO looking for their next big thing, email us at and put “CEO” in the subject line.

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