HemCon Dental Dressing Receives CE Mark

HemCon Medical Technologies, of Portland, OR, has received clearance to sell its Dental Dressing in Europe, satisfying the international demand that’s been present since the product became available last year in the U.S. Armed with the CE Mark, the company will begin distributing dressings in the U.K., Germany and other EU countries.

hemcon-dental-dressing.jpgThe HemCon Dental Dressing is designed to be used by oral surgeons and dentists following tooth extractions and other oral procedures; it has also been used successfully to treat oral trauma. This dressing uses the same materials and technology as HemCon’s bandages, which are used by the military to control severe bleeding on the battlefield. Earlier this month, HemCon signed a deal with Cardinal Health to expand the use of its bandages into hospitals and surgery centers.

The Dental Dressing measures 10mm x 12mm and, when placed in an extraction socket, adheres to the surrounding tissue, protecting it and relieving pain; it dissolves within seven days.

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