Woman’s Health

The company is a specialty biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the production of therapeutics for women’s health, specifically hormonal contraceptives, utilizing the company’s own dermal drug delivery system. The company’s products serve as low dose, short term hormonal contraceptives that are delivered through the skin via a proprietary patch. The company’s patch is composed of an active matrix adhesive that delivers targeted amounts of hormones through the skin, while concurrently providing stable adhesion, minimum irritation and efficient evaporation of moisture. The company has developed two kinds of weekly patch contraceptives with varying hormones, one for breastfeeding women and the second for women who are not breastfeeding. The company’s products are poised to compete in the $3 billion US contraceptive market, which has seen a surge in market opportunity with the recent revised FDA labeling of Ortho Evra due to safety concerns. The company’s contraceptive for non-breastfeeding and breastfeeding women are currently in Phase III and Phase II clinical trials, respectively.

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