Independent Study Validates BioNeutral’s Ygiene

aspergillusIn an independent study, BioNeutral‘s Ygiene antimicrobial formulation eliminated a particularly dangerous type of mold in record time. The study represents a key victory for the New Jersey-based life sciences company.

ATS Labs tested the Ygiene Hospital Grade formulation on Aspergillus Niger, a black mold that can lead to life-threatening health problems such as allergic reactions and pulmonary infections. Aspergillus Niger is known for being difficult to eradicate. In the study, Ygiene eliminated approximately 2.5 million spores of Aspergillus Niger within 2 minutes.

Dr. Andy Kielbania, BioNeutral’s Chief Science Officer, stated in a press release, “These results are particularly important because they both validate our internal lab testing protocols and also confirm the speed, efficacy and power of our Ygiene antimicrobials.” The company is confident that Ygiene can kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA, and aggressive viruses such as the H1NI “swine flu” virus. BioNeutral has been swamped with inquiries from China and India about Ygiene’s potential to kill H1N1. In May, the company announced plans to expand into Asia

The market for products that kill toxic mold is estimated to be $2-$3 billion annually.

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