Antimicrobial Spinal Implants, Surgical Site Infections

Infectious Disease, Surgery, Orthopedics. This company has developed a surgical implant technological platform that serves as an antimicrobial framework indicated to preclude surgical site infections. The company’s technology utilizes silver-based implants that produce an antimicrobial environment at surgical sites, including a spinal inter-body cage implant that has been shown to be effective against over 650 types of bacteria, including the antibiotic resistant bacteria MRSA, and is indicated for spinal surgery infections. Surgical site infections are a common complication arising from orthopedic surgery, with an estimated 780,000 post-operative infections occurring in the United States each year. In addition to addressing this condition, the company technology could potentially save the healthcare system an estimated $150 million annually related to other surgical infections.  The company anticipates FDA clearance for its product in late 2009 and is planning to seek its second round of funding for marketing and sales support.  Founded: 2006.

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