Insituvue To Present X-Ray Technology At OneMedForum NY 2011

Insituvue, a new Pittsburgh medical device startup, is preparing to commercialize the Sonic Flashlight technology, a device developed at University of Pittsburgh that gives medical professionals a better view during procedures, such as inserting catheters and IVs.  Insituvue plans to market two versions of the product. The first, to be later this year, is a battery-powered caddy. The second version will be a more compact, handheld version of the same product projected to be on the market in late 2012.

While the company is yet in startup mode, they have already established a global presence through strategic partnerships with well established corporations in Asia and Europe.  They have the supply and distribution chains in place to rapidly manufacture and sell the Sonic Flashlight products throughout the globe.

Insituvue was proud to be among the outstanding life science projects selected to receive a grant from the Federal Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Grant program of 2010. The grant of almost $245,000 will be used to further development of the Sonic Flashlight ultrasound devices. The company is slated to present at OneMedForum NY 2011 in June.

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