Interface Biologics Enhances Safety and Effectiveness of Devices

Interface Biologics, Inc. has developed a way to utilize biomedical polymer technology to significantly enhance the safety and effectiveness of medical devices. Interface, which was founded in 2001, functions to reduce potential thrombosis, inhibit infection and provide programmable delivery of pharmaceuticals and biologics.

President and CEO Thomas Reeves, who spent 14 years in the computer industry before entering the healthcare space, was recruited to join Interface in 2008. Mr. Reeves explained that the complexity of involving doctors, clinical testing, and reimbursements is fascinating especially when success directly translates to helping people.

Interface focuses on combinatioScreen Shot 2014-11-21 at 5.13.19 PMn products, most specifically for PICCs, ports, and catheters. Interface has developed an anti-thrombogenic device and a combination drug delivery device, which can be utilized in a range of clinical fields including cardiology, urology, radiology, oncology, and orthopedics.

The market potential is significant with $100-200M in licensing business and $1-2B in blood clotting potential. Interface has raised $27.5M in venture capital from Canadian sources and is contemplating another round of financing to accelerate their program. Interface is consistently seeking partnerships with pharma companies as well as companies that are looking to improve their devices and reduce anticoagulants.

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