Investing in Swiss Life Sciences

OneMedResearch produces white papers exploring investment strategies abroad.

This white paper, entitled Investing in Swiss Life Sciences, explores the reasons for technological innovation in the region.

Known as a hotbed for medtech, Switzerland has emerged as an important source of biotech and pharma, due in part to the strong osmosis between private and public sector fostering innovation.

On the other side of company growth development, Switzerland is a source of capital, with a severely liquid institutional investor base and a significant presence of alternative funds and private money.

This white paper explores what makes Switzerland a unique market for investment and innovation, analyzing:

  • Non-dilutive financing, and the friendly relationship between the private and public sector
  • Favorable patent codes and regulatory
  • The diverse and thriving investor presence
  • Strategic partnership opportunities through big pharma
  • Case studies for companies entering Switzerland and investors financing Swiss innovation
  • Figures of Swiss innovation as compared to other leading markets

To download the report, click here.

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