Investor Registration Opens for the 8th Annual OneMedForum

The 8th Annual OneMedForum is expecting to draw in a record number of accredited and institutional investors. OneMedForum is currently offering complimentary passes to active accredited and institutional investors. Those who complete a short Investor Interest Profile can qualify for complimentary access to company presentations and exhibits at the conference. Those approved will also receive a copy of the Conference Directory, which includes profiles of presenting companies and exhibiting companies.

OneMedMarket will be utilizing these profiles to further develop an extensive investor database for its matching program. Investors will be able to receive periodic deal alerts on investment opportunities specific to their interests. These alerts will be delivered as concise summaries via email and will consist of companies presenting at the conference as well as other firms that OneMedMarket assesses throughout the year.

OneMedForum – for the first time – will offer a general exhibit area to showcase poster displays on all presenting companies as well as exhibits featuring new tools and technologies for emerging healthcare companies. Exhibits will focus on innovative solutions and will include equity funding portals, online databases, research services, and valuation services, among many others. The conference exhibit area will also provide a general networking space for CEOs and investors.

The general exhibit area is open to registered investors. Complimentary passes do not include luncheons, panels, research reports, or access to the video presentation library. Full-access investor tickets are $750 for the two-day conference prior to the date of the event. Advance company executive tickets are $950 and service providers are $1450.

To apply for a complimentary investor pass, please complete the following profile: Investor Interest Profile

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