Jaleva Pharmaceuticals: Drug Delivery for Dermatology Treatments

ointmentMedicated skin creams, sprays and powders can be very effective at treating dermatological conditions–if you can get the medicine to stay on your skin. Drug delivery is a major challenge in treating skin problems such as athlete’s foot or psoriasis. Commercially available treatments tend to come off easily once they have been applied to an affected area, decreasing the amount of medication that is absorbed into the skin.

Jaleva Pharmaceuticals has developed a patented resin-based technology system to keep the medication where it belongs. The San Diego-based company is investigating drug delivery vehicles for a variety of dermatological conditions, including psoriasis, cracked heels, acne and athlete’s foot. Jaleva’s Stayzontechnology utilizes a specific formulation of resins that is designed to keep the medication in place for up to 96 hours and provide extended-release drug delivery to the skin. The company has successfully licensed two products to date:  a combination surgical adhesive/antibiotic delivery system, and a chlorhexidine-based surgical skin prep product. 

Mordy Levine, President and CEO of JalevaPharmaceuticals, sat down with us at the 2010 OneMedForumin San Francisco. Below, watch interview with OneMedTV correspondent Alicia Ontiveros.

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