June 21, 2012 Healthcare Transformation & Innovation

Hosted by the Executive Council

June 21, 2012

Hearst Tower

New York

With Supreme Court hearings on President Obama’s healthcare law imminent, and a ruling potentially issued in June at the height of the 2012 campaign, the debate on how to fix healthcare will surely be at the top of the agenda for many months.

But, whatever the Supreme Court decides, and beyond the shrill politics surrounding healthcare, a consensus is emerging that real change in innovation in healthcare must happen now. The current system has become prohibitively expensive to the point of crippling the country’s competitiveness. In short, the current system is not sustainable by any means or measure, fiscal, structural, political or otherwise.

The Executive Council’s 6th Annual Healthcare Summit will therefore look beyond the pundits’ catch phrases and the agitation surrounding the political debate to focus on what’s happening on the ground level. Significant changes are currently at play transforming major aspects of the healthcare system. New technologies are being leveraged and a significant wave of innovation is emerging with the goal to make our healthcare system work better.

The Summit will bring together key opinion leaders, practitioners, experts, and senior leaders from across the healthcare spectrum to take discuss all of the significant transformation at play and address the actionable outcomes and practical takeaways. The event will provide a unique opportunity to see through the sensational headlines and get a grasp of the systemic changes currently reshaping healthcare.

To address these challenges, speakers will cover the following themes as drivers towards innovation:

– Technology (health care IT and telehealth)

– New models of care made possible by telecommunication innovation

– Health information exchange and state innovation

– Consumer Empowerment (use of social networks, the internet, health savings accounts)


You’ll hear from speakers who are in the trenches and fighting the battles in key areas of the industry, including

– Service Providers (Hosptials)

– Manufacturers (Devices, Diagnostics)

– Payors (Government, Employers)

– Insurers

– IT Vendors and other professional services firms

Who Should Attend

– General C-level (Payor, Provider, Hospital ,Insurance , IT)
– Private Equity and Venture Capital Professionals
– City and State Officials
– Business Development, Sales and Marketing Officers

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