LifeCare Displays Glucose Level Data In An Ordinary Wristwatch For Diabetic Patients

LifeCare is a medical devices company that has developed a technological platform for continuous glucose monitoring in diabetic patients. The company’s technology is based on a tiny glucose micro-sensor that is injected under the skin and transmits wireless real time glucose level data, which is displayed on an ordinary wristwatch. This independently functioning technology enables patients to monitor their glucose levels as often as they want, and is equipped with an alarm function that sounds from the wristwatch when glucose levels are too high or low. The alarm function is particularly important during night time, as it will warn a sleeping patient when blood glucose is reaching unwanted levels. The company is currently conducting in-lab experiments to verify performance data of its technology. The currently used finger pricking method for monitoring blood sugar levels in diabetic patients has several important drawbacks including deterred patient compliance, pain, potential for infections, and most importantly, it only provides instantaneous results.

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