Luminex Acquires Human Metapneumovirus

Luminex has acquired the worldwide rights to ViroNovative’s human metapneumovirus (hMPV) intellectual property; hMPV will be incorporated into the company’s xTAG Respiratory Viral Panel (RVP), making it the first and only test cleared by FDA for the detection of hMPV.

Having the license as part of the xTAG RVP assay allows Luminex customers to use the diagnostic without the need to individually secure IP rights.

xTAG RVP received 510(k) clearance from the FDA this January. The test was cleared for the detection and identification of 12 viruses and viral subtypes that are together responsible for more than 85% of respiratory viral infections.

Human metapneumovirus was first identified in 2001. The virus, which is found worldwide, causes flu-like symptoms and is a cause of significant upper and lower respiratory infections in all age groups. It is thought to be the second most common cause of lower respiratory infection in young children.

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