Editor’s Note: March 22, 2013

OneMedPlace is pleased to kick off a new season of our weekly Sentinel as we gear up for the 4th Annual OneMedForumNY, June 26-27 at the historic Metropolitan Club in New York City. We expect over 500 attendees and over 50 presenting private and public companies. For more information, click here.

Investors may be eligible for a complimentary ticket. To be vetted, fill out our investor survey. We will follow up with instructions that detail your free subscription to OneMedPlace.

Non-investors can also register for OneMedForumNY with early-bird discounts up to $200.

Our ‘above-the-fold’ stories include two interesting radio interviews with key opinion leaders offering perspective on growing markets in diagnostics and devices, exit strategy, and the paradigm shift away from normative medicine. We also feature a special contributor piece and two stories from our new affiliates at PropThink, providing a unique and detailed look at microcap public companies with intriguing investment opportunity.

Happy reading.

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