March/April 2012

The OneMedResearch March/April 2012 Issue continues the discussion of 10 small companies with intriguing technology in an emerging market.  This issue focuses its efforts on supplementing previous initiation reports with current developments and financial updates within each company that OneMedResearch is following.  These creative disruptors continue to shape the future of health and medicine.

Highlights include:

–An Editor’s Letter summarizing the recent topics covered by OneMedSentinel, an introduction to OneMedPlace’s Investor Guides as well as upcoming events to remember.

–Progress reports of ten emerging companies with disruptive technology: Datatrak, Novadaq, PLC Medical Systems, Vasomedical, Wound Management Technologies, Provectus, Advaxis, Nanoviricides, Tianyin, and Biovest.


View the full research report below:

OneMedResearch March/April 2012 Issue

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