Fall Med Tech Investment Digest Covers 200 Firms

The now-available fall issue of Medical Technology Investment Digest, OneMedPlace’s quarterly membership publication, covers nearly 200 emerging medical technology companies.

fall-mtid-cover-image.JPGThese firms hail from a variety of regions, but the issue pays extra attention to St. Louis, MO, in a special regional focus on the city’s life sciences industry. The focus contains a feature article on St. Louis’ economic development, interviews with local executives, profiles of med tech companies, and a list of 50 additional firms located in and around St. Louis.

Clinically, the issue looks closely at urology, in a sector spotlight that includes 110 companies working in the space — including five that are explored in full-blown profiles — and interviews with executives and physicians.

Finally, MTID reports on AdvaMed 2007, an event being held October 1-3 in Washington, DC. The conference was created, in part, to improve partnering and networking opportunities for small-company members of AdvaMed. The story discusses the origins of the event and the opportunities it presents for smaller med tech companies.

To download a PDF of the fall issue, click here. To subscribe, click here.

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