MedicalRecords247: A Lesson in Destructive Marketing

One of the surest and quickest ways to alienate your target audience is through the use of comment spam.

It pains me to see a new business adopt a terrible, cheap marketing strategy.

Such is the case with MedicalRecords247 – an online service that manages personal health records. Here’s one of several comments they left to piggyback off this post:

“For my money I would never trust Microsoft with this given tis track record with windows and Google has stumbled around now trying to team up with a big burecratic health system. For my money I sticking to the smaller companies like to have the most relevant and easy to use system”

Given our intelligent readership – do they think paying someone to leave this type of sloppy comment spam will further their business?

Here’s another one left at “I trust Google but come on…this has ad sense written all over it and than google will monetize your medical storage data…..withthat said, check out”

When your business thrives on trust and security, comment spam is a terrible promotional strategy; why would I give my personal information to a company that employs underhanded marketing techniques?

For those without scruples…

Comment spam, if deployed in the right way, might actually alienate bloggers and potential clients from a competitor.

If I were to launch my own medical records service, I could easily hire someone to leave the types of comment spam found above, in an effort to damage a competitor’s reputation.

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