Medicine Goes Hollywood

A new scarpe basket jordan company has sprung up to help docs make money off their great ideas for new devices. Based in Hollywood, A4M, which stands for Agents for Medics, connects physicians who invent devices with companies that can help bring them to market. According to a company release, “Doctors have little time to deal with the long and complex procedure of bringing those ideas to market. Often, through poor understanding and poor negotiation, they end up making little money from their ideas.” A4M says it can help. Co-founder Steve Bell, who used to work for Johnson&Johnson, says, “A4M is a full-service professional agency for doctors to pitch their ideas to. We evaluate the idea, undertake all necessary legal work and then ensure that their ideas are sold to the right medical company, in the right way, for the right price.” The company says “a number of high-profile doctors” have already bought into the idea. And Bell adds, “The goal of A4M is to do for doctors and medical companies what Mark McCormack and IMG did for sportsmen and their sponsors.”

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