Microline PENTAX Acquires Starion Instruments

Two strong players in the surgical-instrument field have joined forces. Microline PENTAX, a leading manufacturer of reposable surgical instruments for laparoscopic procedures, has acquired California-based Starion Instruments, a developer of instruments to arrest bleeding during surgical procedures. According to newly appointed Starion President and Chief Operating Officer Sharad Joshi, the acquisition will allow both companies to pool their complementary technologies and reach a wider global audience.

Starion’s patented Tissue Welding technology uses focused heat and pressure to simultaneously cut and seal tissue. The process takes only seconds and requires no electrical energy to pass through the patient, minimizing damage to the surrounding tissue. Starion has developed products for open and endoscopic cardiac, otylaryngology, urology, general surgery, and gynecology procedures. 

Microline has previously focused on the fields of general surgery, gynecology, and urology. With the acquisition, Microline plans to expand into the fields of ENT and cardiac surgery, bringing Starion’s technology to existing customers. Microline, based in Beverly, Mass., and owned by the HOYA Corporation of Tokyo, is a global company with sales in 60 different countries. Despite competition from major industry players such as Johnson & Johnson, Microline has experienced healthy growth over the past few years. Unlike traditional laparoscopic instruments, Microline’s devices are reposable, able to be sterilized and used over and over again. Only the tip is disposable. As a result, hospitals save money by not having to buy a new device for every procedure, and Microline reduces production costs and the company’s environmental footprint. Most manufacturing is done at a facility in Beverly.

Both companies will be represented at the American Society of Colorectal Surgeons Annual Meeting on May 2-6 in Hollywood, Fl.

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