Micronics Develops Innovative Molecular Diagnostic Platform

Micronics is a development-stage medical devices company that has developed a portable, low cost, networkable molecular diagnostic platform that simplifies, standardizes, and maximizes the efficiency of DNA or RNA diagnostics used to identify and differentiate diseases. The company’s closed system apparatus is designed for ease of use, near patient, and can identify the presence of disease markers with minimal sample manipulation in a matter of minutes, as opposed to reference laboratories that require separate sample preparation and several hours of processing. The company’s apparatus is designed to provide polymerase chain reaction-based detection of infectious diseases, including diarrheal disease, respiratory panels and HIV mother to child transmission.

The ability to diagnose diseases in a totally integrated system, in a fast, systematic manner, is a key determinant necessary for near patient testing. Micronics’ diagnostic platform permits caregivers to perform highly sensitive and specific multiplexed molecular diagnostic testing from a low sample volume with timely results. The system is designed to be site-independent in its ability to provide on demand testing.

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