Monteris Medical Develops a Novel Treatment for Glioblastoma

Monteris_Final_Logo_thumbnailMonteris Medical is a neurosurgical company with a focus on creating unique and innovative technology to treat serious brain disorders. Their flagship product, the Neuroblate Thermal Therapy System, aims to provide neurosurgeons with superior level of control and feedback and create minimally invasive treatments for soft tissue and brain lesions that have been previously deemed inoperable. Using the combined strengths of MRI, advanced navigation software, and Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy (LITT), the Neuroblate System is a powerful tool to ablate brain tumors and other soft tissue lesions.

The Neuroblate System is the only system that uses a sophisticated combination of hardware, software, disposable surgical tools, and an existing MRI scanner to provide real­ time control and the ability to 3-dimensionally monitor ablation contours. The device is capable of ablating almost any area of the brain by administering LITT with diode laser energy delivered through a fiber­ optic probe. The probe is cooled by CO2, which allows for controlled thermal energy and controlled ablation to a desired target and thus does not allow tissue to be charred.

In 2013 the Neuroblate System received a second FDA 510(k) clearance after the First­-In-humans clinical study for recurrent glioblastoma multiforme (rGBM), the most common and aggressive type of brain tumor, concluded that the system appeared to provide a novel treatment of rGBM. The clinical trial results showed that 10 patients with rGBM were treated at the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center supporting the use of Neuroblate System.

The company’s other products include AXiiiS Stereotactic Miniframe, a single use platform for image ­guided, stereotactic brain biopsy, and the AtamA Stabilization System for MRI­ guided neurosurgical procedures that require rigid head fixation.

Recently, Monteris Medical has closed financing totaling $13.3 million to support full commercialization of Neuroblate Systems. With this latest round of financing, the total capital raised in 2012 and 2013 has exceeded $30 million, in which Monteris Medical hopes to continue their goal of having their products become a routine option in determining the best care for patients with brain lesions.

To learn more about  Monteris Medical’s next steps be sure to attend  7th Annual OneMedForum in San Francisco January 13th­15th.

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