New Breakthrough Technology May Reverse Fatal Blood Vessel Condition

Capillary leak syndrome (CLS), a critical care condition that is associated with high mortality rates, is a condition where the smallest blood vessels of the body leak out blood components due to any type of serious injury and represents a highly unmet medical condition with no effective treatment. To this end, ADS Biotechnology has developed a breakthrough, first-in-class blood volume expander that upon administration immediately prevents any further blood vessel leakage, thereby effectively treating and reversing CLS.

The leaking out of blood components from capillaries causes a multitude of serious health complications, including low blood pressure, swelling of surrounding tissue and significant decrease in oxygen delivery to vital organs. ADS’ blood volume expander is composed of a proprietary, modified form of the blood serum protein Albumin, which upon intravenous administration immediately functions to prevent further leakage of blood from capillaries, thereby restoring blood pressure, preventing further swelling of organs, and essentially reversing CLS. The company’s initial product indication is acute respiratory distress syndrome, an acute form of lung injury that leads to CLS and currently has no medical treatments, despite having a mortality rate of 40-60%.

The company will present their technology at OneMedForum NY 2011.

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