New Delivery Device Improves Dosing and Compliance

Fifteen scarpe basket jordan companies and institutions, backed by a European Commission grant, are working on a novel way to deliver drugs to chronically ill patients and those with addictions. The boxlike device, called IntelliDrug, contains a medication reservoir, release mechanism, and built-in sensor that determines when a drug needs to be delivered. The scarpe basket jordan refillable reservoir, which is placed in the oral cavity, delivers measured doses that can either be adborbed by the oral mucosa or swallowed by the patient. This kind of “intelligent” drug delivery solves several problems inherent with pills. First, it avoids the troubles many drugs face in the gastrointestinal tract that ultimately lead to poor efficacy. Also, the scarpe basket jordan device can deliver precise, customized doses — it can be adjusted according to weight, age and sex, for example. And, because the device is implanted, it virtually insures patient compliance. In vivo experiments with humans are set to begin this month. For more information, visit the consortium’s Web site.

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