NFL Stars Back New Supplement Delivery System

HealthSport, an Amherst, NY-based company that makes an edible film strip delivery system for nutritional supplements, has raised $3 million in a private placement. healthsport_sportstrips.jpgThe money, part of which came from three National Football League stars turned investors — Bruce Smith and Jim Kelly, formerly of the Buffalo Bills, and Bernie Kosar, an ex-Cleveland Brown — will be used to commercialize the firm’s Enlyten SportStrips. The strips replace the electrolytes the body loses while exercising through buccal (cheek to gum) absorption. This mode of absorption differs from other electrolyte delivery predecessors because gastric absorption is bypassed and the electrolytes are directly absorbed into the body. HealthSport says the SportStrips also help to avoid the over-hydration that can occur with excessive consumption of sports drinks.

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