November 2011

The OneMedResearch November 2011 Issue identifies the companies particularly interesting to the OneMedPlace network and in turn to the active investor. Initiation coverage contains detailed profiles of the financials, management and growth strategies of those companies on the cusp of receiving heightened investor awareness. OneMedResearch classifies these companies as commonly associated with broken deals, hidden management or new innovations. As the Editorial Letter states, these companies need assistance in telling their story, and are in particular need of objective research coverage against the backdrop of the emerging market in which they operate. OneMedResearch is one division of this multi-faceted coverage, a report written for potential investors analyzing the most important and intriguing company developments.


Highlights of this report include:

–An Editor’s Letter identifying some of the challenges, risks and opportunities of the current market landscape.

–Coverage of member companies Datatrak, Novadaq, PLC Medical Systems, VasoMedical and Wound Management Technologies.

–Detailed profiles which include background, catalysts, a market snapshot, management summary, technology and more.


View the full research report below:

OneMedResearch November 2011 Issue

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