Oculus Innovative Sciences to Collaborate with Onset Therapeutics

hand_on_the_sky_smallOculus Innovative Sciences and Onset Therapeutics have entered into an agreement to commercialize dermatology products in the U.S. Their initial collaboration will target atopic dermatitis and related conditions. Oculus Innovative Sciences is a Petalum, Calif.-based company that has commercialized two dermatology products based on its antimicrobial Microcyn technology platform. Oculus Innovative Sciences is scheduled to present at the OneMedForum San Francisco 2011 in January.

Onset Therapeutics is a nationally recognized pharmaceutical company that primarily specializes in dermatology. Onset’s products utilize the company’s patented Delovo Foam Technology, which is designed to improve patient compliance and outcomes through more effective drug delivery.

Atopic dermatitis, the most common form of the inflammatory skin disorder eczema, is characterized by patches of dry, red, itchy, scaly skin. The skin may have blisters and may “weep.” Scratching can cause the skin to become leather-like over time. The cause is not known, but atopic dermatitis is associated with allergies, and the condition can be aggravated by dry skin, stress, environmental irritants, and more.

The following companies are also developing treatments for atopic dermatitis:

Anacor Pharmaceuticals, which recently announced the pricing of its initial public offering, is developing AN2898 as a topical anti-inflammatory product candidate for the treatment of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

In December 2009, preliminary Phase II data was released for PH-10, an atopic dermatitis medication being developed by Provectus Pharmaceuticals. The data showed that 94 percent of subjects experienced an improvement as measured by the Eczema Area Severity Index during four weeks of treatment with PH-10.

Action Pharma is developing AP405, a compound for inflammatory skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis. AP405 has demonstrated beneficial effects in animal studies.

LEO 29102 is a compound currently in development at LEO Pharma for atopic dermatitis.

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