Oculus Looks Beyond Wound Care Market

influenza-smallPetaluma, Calif.-based Oculus Innovative Sciences specializes in the development of products to treat and prevent infections in wounds. Microcyn, the company’s technology platform, is an oxychlorine compound formulated to kill viruses and bacteria, calm inflammation in wounds, and increase blood flow to the wound for faster healing. Oculus Founder and CEO Hoji Alimi reports that numerous patients have avoided amputation due to Microcyn. Laboratory testing of the Microcyn technology platform found that it effectively reduced or eliminated hospital-acquired bacteria, the HIV-1 virus, influenza, and Bactillus subtilis spores. No major adverse side effects or drug interactions have been found in clinical trials.

Oculus’ products have been used on nearly one million patients worldwide. The company’s Dermacyn Wound Care product is indicated for the cleansing and treatment of post-surgical wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, burns, and grafted sites. Oculus also markets over-the-counter wound care products for humans, and Vetericyn for the treatment of wounds in animals.  The company expects to receive seven FDA clearances in 2010. Oculus plans to expand into the allergy and dermatological markets. 

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