OneMedForum 2011 kicks into high gear on Day 2

Day 2 At San Francisco Conference

Day 2 at the OneMed Forum highlighted a series of exciting presentations & networking opportunities. As the conference kicked into high gear, participants engaged panel discussions & workshops on cardiology, social media, intellectual property, global business development, retail investors, virtual capital & more. Private and public company presentations also continued throughout the day.

OneMed TV spoke with Arun Menawat of Novadag, Gary Rabin of Advanced Cell Technology, and Samir Tari of PCAsso Diagnostics, among others. They also spoke with attendees Jeff Margolis (Aurora Capital) and Darshana Nadkarni Ph.D.

There was a diverse range of companies from all over the globe. From investors to presenters, the excitement was contagious. It was a chance to network and build new relationships with companies of interest, and to finally meet and discuss opportunities with each CEO being present. The emerging ideas, that were never seen or heard of before all gathering in one event created an attractive atmosphere to the San Francisco OneMed Forum of 2011.

For many, day 2 was an opportunity to dive deeper into the issues and take the next step in establishing valuable new contacts- whether it be investors, advisors, or innovators. The lobby of the hotel was buzzing with conversation on the future of the health care and life sciences space and the strategies emerging companies can implement to launch themselves onto the next stage.

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