[OneMedForum] Jaleva Pharmaceuticals

ointmentThe 2010 OneMedForum, taking place through Jan. 14 in San Francisco, features presentations from over 100 emerging life science and healthcare companies. One company presenting at the conference is San Diego-based Jaleva Pharmaceuticals, which has developed a resin-based delivery vehicle for topical medications. The company’s patented technology aims to eliminate a common problem experienced by dermatological patients.

Many dermatological treatments, such as powders or creams, tend to come off easily once they are applied to the skin. This decreases the amount of medication reaching the affected area, therefore reducing the treatment’s effectiveness. Jaleva’s “Stayzon” resin formulation technology is designed to keep the medication in place for up to 96 hours. Stayzon is comprised of specific resins that can be combined with a medication or active ingredient. The formulation allows the medicine to be released over time for more effective treatment.

Jaleva also offers Mast-R-Prep, a chlorhexidine-based, one-step surgical skin prep product. Mast-R-Prep is formulated to trap bacteria and prevent them from migrating to the skin. Jaleva is positioning Mast-R-Prep as a competitor to the commonly used skin prep products DuraPrep and ChloraPrep. In a 2008 clinical trial, Mast-R-Prep killed more bacteria for longer than ChloraPrep.

Jaleva is also engaged in development for products to treat conditions including eczema, psoriasis, athlete’s foot, and acne.

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