July 12, 2012 OneMedForum New York

OneMedForum New York 2012 will feature panels and sector reports about six intriguing life science sectors, alongside discussions of financial strategies, including entering China, as well as presentations by some of the most promising, micro-cap public and private medtech, biotech, and health information companies.

OneMedPlace is a virtual community that connects emerging companies seeking capital, distribution, and visibility with investors and strategic partners looking for health and medical innovations to invest in, acquire, license, distribute, purchase or utilize.

Founded in 2008, OneMedForum events are held biannually in San Francisco in January and in New York in June/July.  They are designed to create a communications platform for emerging companies to connect with strategic partners and investors.

“OneMedForum New York, now in its third year, has become the premier venue for companies with a global outlook, focusing on trans-Atlantic opportunities,” said Brett Johnson, OneMedPlace Founder and CEO. “European and American investors join key thought leaders to meet companies developing revolutionary disruptive technology on the cusp of major success.”

OneMedForum has helped build relationships between companies, strategic partners, and institutional investors. The expected audience will include a diverse group of high-net worth family, venture, private equity, angel and corporate investors, as well as presenting CEOs, company executives, academic experts and industry experts.

“This year, OneMedForum invites experts to lead panel sessions on six volatile life sciences areas: Diagnostics, Regenerative Medicine, Oncology, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, and Health Information,” said Johnson. “We will open our panels with a brief overview about the sector, in the form of encompassing investor guides featuring expert interviews, market analysis, and a company directory.”

The conference will also feature special panels on investment opportunities and creative financing strategies, including entering China and crowdfunding. Attendees also will benefit from focused workshops providing strategic insights on specific financial and operational issues.

“The traditional financing landscape is experiencing a massive paradigm shift, and there remain significant challenges, as well as promising opportunities,” added Johnson. “The new successful investor must be educated in these new conventions, and aware of cutting-edge technology that will soon drive market growth.”

Companies will present in a unique multi-media format, which will include live streaming provided by OneMedTV. In addition, several companies will be showcased via technology snapshots after and before presentations. The unique 1×1 meeting system allows attendees to locate and reserve private discussions with interested parties.

For more about OneMedForum NY2012 visit  http://www.onemedplace.com/forum/

For information about presenting or sponsorship opportunities, please contact forum@onemedplace.com


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