OneMedPlace Launches OneMedRadio to Expand Coverage of Public Companies

OneMedPlace (OMP) announced the creation of OneMedRadio to anchor an expansion of coverage on small public companies in the healthcare and life sciences sector.  Beginning in July, OneMedRadio will begin audio taped interviews with the CEOs of microcap companies with news developments or those who have been identified by its scientific research team as having exceptional science serving large or unmet markets. Listeners can access the audio files on and via the weekly OneMedSentinel e-newsletter as well as via OMP’s syndication and distribution network.

According to Brett Johnson, President and Executive Editor of OneMedPlace, “There are many promising companies whose stories are not reaching interested investors. We will fill that gap by providing concise summaries, and in some cases analysis, in a format for investors to quickly learn about and to stay abreast of companies capable of delivering high returns.”

According to Johnson, the companies that will be interviewed are those making news as well as those recommended by OMP’s network of institutional investors who have served as advisors over the past 6 years of the OneMedForum. “In the process of producing our bi-annual investment conferences, the OneMedForums, we have gained exposure to hundreds of promising lesser known firms throughout the world.”

Another primary source of companies will originate from OMP’s scientific team that has built the “OMP 100,” a list of the companies with the highest scientific merit serving large or unmet clinical needs.  Beginning with a list of almost 1000 companies in 2009, 163 were selected during 2010. The public companies in the group appreciated 42% during the following 1 year period.

“Whether our science analysts can perform at that very high level consistently, only time will tell, but it is clear that they can help identify the companies on which to focus,” said Johnson.  It is expected that as many as 15 CEO’s will be interviewed weekly. Johnson projects a universe of about 350 to 400 companies that receive at least annual updates and progress reports. Focus will be on public companies, but private companies will also be interviewed.

The 15 minute audio interviews will include written transcripts and will be posted on and published in OneMedSentinel. Some companies will be invited to receive expanded coverage.

This research targets institutional and high net worth investors as well as development executives. According to Herina Ayot who is Managing Editor of OneMedSentinel and who will serve as Program Manager for OneMedRadio, “The universe of individuals and companies with a keen interest in medical advances is significant. But there are few sources of information on the smaller companies that provide both the science and the business opportunity. By delivering to our listeners and readers short conversations with the CEOs driving this innovation, we provide highly time efficient insight on the companies shaping the future of health and medicine.”

OneMedRadio joins a suite of communications tools on the OneMedPlace platform that connect investors and emerging growth companies in the medical technology, biotechnology and health information fields.  Anchored by its Global Database of over 8,000 growth companies, it also includes OneMedTV and bi-annual OneMedForum business development conferences in New York and San Francisco and OneMedSentinel is a weekly e-newsletter that follows emerging healthcare and life science companies and is distributed to over 20,000 executives and investors focused in medical technology, biotechnology,  health care and life sciences.

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