Optovue Scanner Honored for Best Medical Design

In the latest issue of Business 2.0, Optovue, an ophthalmic device company located in Fremont, CA, was honored for the design of its RTVue retina scanner. RTVue is an ultra-high speed, high resolution OCT retina scanner used for retina imaging and analysis. The high speed and high resolution features enable the device to visualize the retinal tissue with ultra-high clarity in a fraction of seconds. 2.0 says Optovue trumped industry giant Zeiss by creating “a radically new technology that uses an infrared beam to probe a patient’s eyes for ailments like glaucoma. To make it more appealing to patients, Optovue encased the hardware in clean, welcoming lines.” And the magazine, which sought help from a panel of judges that ranged from Google marketing whiz Marssia Mayer to the CEO of trendy footwear company Crocs in selecting the winners, points out, “100 of the $60,000 units sold in 60 days.”

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