Orexigen: Anti-Obesity Drug Attempting to Enter Multiple Markets

obesityOrexigen Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses its attention on the treatment of one of the most common diseases in existence today, obesity. The strength of this company lies in their science combined with innovation. Obesity is defined an energy imbalance from the consumption of more calories than the body is able to burn over a long period of time. This imbalance in itself is complex, but is also enhanced by various environmental, behavioral, and genetic factors. Furthermore, the CNS plays a huge role in regulating body weight.

Due to this imbalance, Orexigen has created the drug Contravene: an investigational medication when taken in a fixed dosage will reduce appetite, increase metabolism, help control cravings, and improve overall eating behaviors. In previous clinical trials, 53% of participants lost 5% or more of their body weight within a 12-month period. This medication when combined with a structured diet showed improvements in cholesterol levels and blood sugar control. In the United States, Orexigen is currently being further evaluated for affects on cardiovascular health.

With all the success they have gained so far, Orexigen most recently submitted its application for approval of Contrave in Europe. Based on clinical trials, the results for this drug are very promising and the market for anti-obesity medications are extremely substantial.

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