Over 70 Disruptive Innovators to Present at the New York OneMedForum

Over 70 emerging growth biotech, medtech, healthcare IT, and healthcare services companies have been confirmed to present at the quickly approaching summer finance OneMedForum, being held in New York City on June 29th and 30th. Companies invited by the Forum’s Advisory Board are considered to possess breakthrough technologies based on strong science, experienced and well-rounded management teams with a proven track record, strong and comprehensive IP portfolios, and partnerships with leading academic institutions and strategic players.

“The idea of an annual summit in New York City where the most promising and less-known companies can present to an audience of investors has been well received. The primary theme of the conference is accessing alternative sources of capital and New York City represents the ideal venue for this event, as it remains the global capital of
finance and thus can attract investors and companies from around the world,” said Brett Johnson, CEO of OneMedPlace. “We believe that the next ten years will be a period of unprecedented change and disruption in health care delivery, without which the system can only collapse. This displacement represents an historic opportunity for savvy companies, entrepreneurs, and investors. The OneMedForum can help companies and investors alike prepare for the future by gaining exposure to the disruptive innovations on the horizon,” added Johnson.

The conference will run an opening panel on “Accessing New Sources of Capital” that will look at how global economic changes coupled with healthcare reform in the U.S. is reshaping investor focus and liquidity for investment in emerging healthcare and life science companies. A diverse group of investors with transatlantic deal experience will provide insight into the sectors most impacted by these global changes. Additionally, a special panel session on Consumer-Directed Health Care and Health Savings Accounts will examine how improvements to the customer experience could offer a viable solution to the spiraling cost of America’s healthcare. Numerous workshops on topics specific to those building healthcare companies will also be presented.

For more information on the conference, including a list of presenting companies, visit www.onemedplace.com/forum.

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