Plexus Biomedical Raises $2 Million

Plexus Biomedical, a small device company based in Oakland, TN, has raised $2 million from individual investors, according to an exclusive report by TechJournal South.

The company’s CEO, David Burton, was tight lipped about Plexus’ technology, but research by TechJournal on uncovered a study by Plexus Biomedical and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center of the HEM-AVERT Perianal Stablizer, a device designed to reduce the occurrence or severity of hemorrhoids during childbirth.

According to, the HEM-AVERT Perianal Stablizer “is both non-invasive and poses a non-significant risk. It is classified as a manual, general instrument with no specific indications, but has a general indication of stabilizing pressure.”

The study description says there is currently no preventative treatment for the 9-34% of vaginal births that cause hemorrhoids. TechJournal says the study has enrolled 300 patients and is scheduled to start this month.

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