Press Release: 3rd Annual Medtech Summit to Showcase Nearly 100 Companies

**OneMedPlace will be covering the European Tech Tour Association’s 3rd Annual Medtech Summit, taking place October 16-17 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Stay tuned for on-site coverage of programming and showcased companies, as well as a wrap-up of the event!**


The European Tech Tour Association will be holding the third edition of its annual Medtech Summit on October 16-17, 2012 in Lausanne, Switzerland. This edition will bring together 25 of Europe’s most promising Medical Technology entrepreneurs, chosen by an independent committee of industry professionals. The nominated entrepreneurs seeking funding to further pursue their projects will present to a distinguished panel of venture capitalists and corporate investors gathering under the theme “Bridge to Asia”.

Geneva, Switzerland, September 3, 2012 –The European Tech Tour announced today that nearly 100 promising Medtech companies with exciting new technologies from 17 European countries have applied to present at the third edition of the European Tech Tour Association’s Medtech Summit. Talented entrepreneurs, selected by a committee of European Medtech experts and investment firms, will be offered the opportunity to showcase to an audience of high ranking international venture capitalists, corporate investors and executives from the global Medtech industry in order to obtain funding and exposure.

Examples of companies selected to present in recent Medtech Summits that have subsequently achieved success include EOS Imaging, which completed its IPO in February 2012 raising € 38m, and Symetis, a cardiovascular device company whose minimally invasive heart valve is showing very good market adaptation after the company raised nearly €15m in 2011. OptiNose, another former presenting company, is successfully commercializing its unique drug-device combination technology after having leveraged over €60m.

The Medtech Summit is recognised by the investment community as a highly effective catalyst which allows young expanding companies to bring forward innovative therapies. In addition, the gathering offers industry stakeholders and investors the opportunity to focus on key strategic areas and examine future trends.

Among other topics, industry experts will be discussing investment potential in fields such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetic care or the next promising indications for neurostimulation therapy; specialists predict a 10% growth for the cardiovascular and diabetes market (QiG Group) and the global neurostimulation market to reach €7 billion by 2015 (Global Industry Analysts, Inc.). Discussions and panels will also help participants evaluate investment perspectives in regards to the current global economy and to evolving regulatory and market access requirements. Speakers will be addressing themes high on the corporate and investor agenda such as balancing costs and clinical efficiency or relevance for post money growth companies of positioning early on the global market. Furthermore, Asian markets are an increasingly strategic topic which the Summit is focusing on by making them the central theme of the event.

Bridge to Asia: The theme of this Summit is about bridging European Medtech innovation to Asian opportunities. With an average growth of 10% and market value expected to exceed €50 by 2015, Asia offers great opportunities for medtech entrepreneurs. The president for the Medtech Summit 2012, Eric Le Royer comments: “A start-up company needs to have a global strategy from the onset. While innovation is still flourishing, giving Europe a strong competitive edge, and the US is experiencing both a slowing in growth and a long and unpredictable market access path, Asia represents a growing opportunity for entrepreneurs. New venture companies can leverage their capacity for innovation and should include Asia in their strategy from the start in order to reach sustainable business models in a fast-evolving world. I truly believe bridging European innovation to Asian opportunities is a very relevant and strategic topic for expanding Medtech companies and potential investors.” In conjunction with the general theme, a specific “Bridge to Asia” panel will address very topical issues including regulatory and reimbursement considerations, local market product adaptation and assessing partners on the Asian market.

 Jean Luc Butel, President of International Operations of Baxter International, and has more than 20 years experience in both the Asian and European life science market, will be the keynote speaker for the event. Also bringing his expertise to the Bridge to Asia theme, Ching Zhu, MedTech venture capitalist based in Shanghai, will be moderating the “Bridge to Asia” panel.

Gold sponsors for the event this year are BioBay Suzhou and Canton de Vaud. Other sponsors include Biosensors International, D- Target, Entrepreneur Fund, GIMV and Neomed.

Applications to present at the 2012 Medtech Summit are now closed. Some spaces are still available for delegates. For more information and to register,

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