OneMedForumNY 2013, June 26-27

**The 6th Annual OneMedForum SF this past January achieved overwhelming success both from the OneMedPlace perspective and from our attendees. This year OneMedForum hosted over 1,300 attendees, including nearly 700 investors, and 96 presenting companies. This success has helped us maintain our goal to connect the most promising emerging growth companies with the most appropriate investors. Below is a summary of programming and themes, published a few weeks before our event.

Stay tuned for information about OneMedForumNY 2013, taking place June 26-27 in New York City. To pre-register with friendly attendee discounts, click here.**

Below is our press release announcing programming for OneMedForumNY 2013

News Release


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‘OneMedForumNY 2013’ Investor Conference to Be Held June 26-27′

4th Annual ‘Forum’ to Consider Alternative Markets and Return of the IPO

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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OneMedPlace will host its 4th annual ‘OneMedForumNY’ investor conference on June 26-27 at the Metropolitan Club in New York City.

The theme of this year’s investor conference will be the future of growth company financing, with a look at private alternative markets and the reemergence of the IPO.

OneMedForum Keynote Speaker Bill Hambrecht will offer insights about the future of growth company IPOs. Hambrecht is one of the most prolific financiers in U.S. history, with over 500 IPOs to his credit, including such firms as Apple, Genentech, Amazon, Adobe and Netscape.

Hambrecht will discuss the re-emergence of small company IPOs to fund growth companies since passage of the JOBS Act. His presentation will explore how the changing regulatory and market environment and the use of communications technology can make this a viable alternative for emerging growth companies in healthcare and life sciences.

In addition, Panels will explore: Reg D, Financing in the Digital Age, Non-Dilutive Financing, Reaching Family Offices, and Utilizing the Cloud. The event will feature a special session on the emergence of alternative markets for companies to remain private, yet use the new rules to create liquidity for investors.

The forum will showcase investment opportunities in fast-growing private companies and microcap public companies. OneMedForumNY 2013 will feature 50 private and public companies, all with important and financially intriguing advancements in health and medicine.

OneMedForum will also feature an innovative matching service aimed at helping those with similar interests connect. The opening event on June 26th will be an afternoon of “speed meetings” for investors, executives, companies, and experts with common interests to meet mini breakout sessions, with a reception to follow. The session will utilize the new partnering system, incorporate a meeting system and social networking, and include an interactive conference book.

The investor conference expects more than 500 attendees, including venture capitalists, private equity investors, high net worth individuals, angel investors and early-stage incubators, family offices, hedge funds, investment banks, and more.

OneMedForumNY 2013 will be held at the historic Metropolitan Club overlooking central park at 60th St. The Forum will also have ‘live’ webcast public and private company presentations at

OneMedPlace is now accepting applications for presenting companies. To learn more and register, visit or contact us at



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