Procyte Neova: Radiance, Tone and Clarity

PhotoMedex, best known for XTRAC, a laser-based psoriasis treatment, continues to build its skin care product business through its Procyte subsidiary.

PhotoMedex acquired Procyte in 2005. With a focus on skincare products that use “real science”, Procyte is able to back up many of its claims with clinical trials – something that can’t be said of many cosmetics manufacturers.

Procyte first launched a line of Copper Peptide-based products for skin health, hair care and wound care (copper is a building block for collagen and elastin, key components of firm, healthy skin). Procyte now offers upwards of 50 products, according the company’s website.

In August 2007, Procyte launched MD Lash Factor, a “science-driven” cosmetic that promotes the appearance of longer, fuller, thicker eyelashes. And this week, the company introduced Neova Matrix AR, a topical formula that reduces the appearance of photodamage, fine lines, wrinkles and acne without the irritation typically experienced with other retinol-based, prescription-strength products.

Neova’s Active Retinol (AR) formulation is based on licensed technology that utilizes retinoic acid ester, which results in non-irritation for improved patient compliance due to less shedding, scaling, and dryness of the skin.

100% of users in a 14-day study noted significantly reduced roughness and dryness, increased skin softness and smoothness, and better overall skin appearance. Neova is available through dispensing physicians without a prescription; the suggested retail price is $65.

PhotoMedex seems to have no qualms throwing around terms like “radiance”, ‘tone” and “clarity”. Like most skincare companies, Procyte’s business is fueled by healthy consumer demand, savvy marketing, and a bevy of high-margin products.

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