Profound Medical’s Device on Fast Track for Commercialization

ProfoundProfound Medical is a privately-held medical device company, based in Canada commercializing a ground-breaking, image-guided ablative treatment for localized prostate cancer.  The company has developed a system that blends the sophistication of real-time MR image guidance with the precision and power of ultrasound thermal energy to treat the entire prostate gland in a single, outpatient setting.

The key features of the device include precise control around critical structures, accurate location of the trans-urethral ultrasound applicator, customized 3D planning options, and whole gland or segmented treatments relative to disease progression.

According to American Cancer Society, in 2013, 238,590 patients will suffer from prostate cancer and 29,720 will lose their fight to the disease. Current treatment options such as radiotherapy and surgery are often associated with side effects and permanent consequences that often cause patients to choose not to undergo the active treatment. The overall expenditure for prostate cancer is approximately $10 billion. The novel combination therapy by Profound Medical represents a new wave of minimally-invasive treatments as well as reducing the costs.

In addition to being used in Phase I Clinical Trials in Europe and Canada, Profound has also recently received FDA approval to conduct Clinical trials in the U.S. The multi-center TULSA trial will enroll up to 30 patients and should conclude enrollment late in 2013.   The company is on the fast track to begin commercialization in Europe by 2015.

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